I Have Been Honored and so I Honor Back

So I’ve been honored by a very special lady…thank you SR…with the Illuminating Blogger Award.


So there are terms for the award and here they are:

1. Leave a comment on original site.

2. Choose a random fact about yourself.

3. Choose five bloggers to pass the torch to.

A random fact about myself would be my desire to climb a mountain, Denali most specifically.

So now I want to honor some wonderful bloggers who have written such beautiful words to inspire me, uplift me, empower me, and bring me in closer union with our Father, so here they are…

To Have Her Heart…what can I say that anyone who reads her posts doesn’t already know-her posts are filled with such love and beauty and God. I often find answers to prayers right in her posts.

Matt J Schell…he always gives me something deep to think about.

Lame Housewife…such beautiful posts and if you love St. Francis de Sales or St. Therese the Little Flower, you’ll find yourself at home.

Public Catholic…Representative Hamilton shares the beauty of her life, the private and the public, her Catholic faith and what that really means.

today I prayed…Beautiful! I’m always moved.



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