The Battle Wanes

The summit of the battle wanes
And I find the loss
It is a strain
To watch the passing of time
And remember when
When the sunlight hit your face just so
And the mirages were better aged
You remember the smell of September
And the playground days of early December
As the first snows fell
And the boot impressions were the most fascinating things.

The battle wanes
And you find the loss
The age of beauty passes
And innocents no longer applies
You drift as sonnets are whispered
Between the youth who pass you by

You have loved
And You have danced
In the moonlights beam
On the fifth of July
When the fireworks have stopped
But the butterflies still climb to your heart.

Even though the summit of the battle wanes
I find the loss
A trove of treasures
My legacy to ponder
In my juniper
I whisper his name
And remember how loving someone
Stays with you always.




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