The End

Must we say goodbye
It hurts my soul
Must this end
It was my life
You were my life
There are so many things left unsaid
So many things we’ve yet to accomplish
But here it lies
And here it ends
A quiet sort of entrench-able goodbye
To an unwanted end.


Increase My Love

I am gifted by the magic of you
Your smile and your smell always make my day
I release the frustration to talk to you about this
You are a simple man
You will understand
That my love for you is epic
Even though you may not feel the same
But I understand
It is a lot to take in
Is love so different in this day and age?
That a simple smile cannot translate
The feelings and thoughts of a million butterflies.
I am enchanted by the magic of you
Your smile and your smell
The way you look at me
Makes me shoot for the moon
On Mondays love is an epic revelry
Of everything that is to come
And sweet nothings of industry
Do all but increase my love.


Let Us Try Again

Pinch me
I do not feel free to feel this way anymore
You have taken what was mine
And made it yours
I am disgusted
Yes that is the right word
That you would come back into my life
And not make your purpose clearly known
I wonder what to do with this life that we once had
But I know it will be the same
As the last
You had your chance
Some ten years ago
But refused to give back what I needed
And now I see you
And you see me
And I ask pinch me
Because it still feels the same as it did yesterday
Though I do not want to feel and I do not want the hope
I still love you friend
Like the first moment I saw your smile.
What is it you want now
Some years gone by
Are your feelings the same?
Do you want for us to retry?
I pinch myself again
And take a deep breath
I chuckle to myself
And decide there is a reason
So let us try again.

He Does Not Know

I fell in love and it stunted my everything
Was it really love?
I fell in love and never conquered a single soul
Was I dreaming it was love?
I have never touched the hand of the one I love
Am I in this by myself?
Am I calling this thing I claim, love?
My soul is drenched in this imagining of love
It is at my door and my window pane
He stays incessantly on my mind
Are these not the ways of love from on high?
If he does not know
How can it be so?

I Have Loved You

I have loved you beyond all reason
I have loved you beyond all hope
That you would actually ever have love for me
It seems so silly this love affair I have over you
But feels so real in my heart
I have prayed to the God above
To help me find a way through this impossible love
But have found no help from the one they call the highest.

When I see you, my heart flitters
I get butterflies in my stomach
I sweat just a little bit
My words become tongue tied
Or I say all the wrong things
You have no idea how much I want to blurt out to you
How much my heart aches in your presence.

I have loved you beyond all reason
I have loved you beyond all hope
With no knowledge you ever will feel the same for me
An impossible love this is
That I will unfortunately take to my grave
For if you cannot say you love me
My heart will surely break.

But I must be free of a love that I cannot call my own
I must let you go to save my poor sanity
With a sweet melody I say adieu
My love for you I will always cherish till time stands still
But I cannot let my heart be broken again and again
I have loved you